Come meet Redline’s Keo Curry over at Summer Fix, this weekend! Check out the Urbis while your at it. Here is a list of events.

Friday, July 16

  • Welcome to LA Party | 7PM
  • The Brick Building Culver City, CA
  • Bike Art, Drinks, Music, Product Auction
  • Foot-Down & Trackstand Comps in the Venue!

Saturday, July 17

Sunday, July 18

  • Sunday Morning Cruise
  • Cruise West LA Trick Spots
  • Meet at LA Brakeless | 11AM
  • Chubby Boob Stage Race | 2PM
  • Meet at Mt. Hollywood
  • Meet at Griffith Park
  • CHROME prizes and giveaways!


Judging the event are:

Participants Include:

Keo Curry

Tom LaMarche

Ed Wonka

Steven Jensen

Justin Mitchell aka CONGO

Matt Spencer

Marwin Ou aka The Wizard

Joey Inferno


Lil’ Josh

Mike Dinh


Sean Cotes

Joe McKeay

Riccardo Mejia

Katrina Medina

Ethan Huron

Michael Hunter

Jesus Moreno

Alex Aguilar

Lulu Aguilar

Devan Council

Hernan Montenegro

Matt Serrica

Oscar Guerrero

Jamil gray

Bella Lau

Jason Resendiz

Alejandra Moran

PJ Coleman

Digital Signal

Yulfiano Gerwynaldo

James Hus

Gage ‘Gagefoo’ Romero

Michael Trewartha

Javon Duong

Tony Khensouvan

Sok Maidik

Sean Eagleton

Donghoh Han

Erik Vehmeyer

DJ Mull

Gus Molina

Jakob Santos