In Seattle, Kari Studley got off to a great start leading the elite women’s race at Woodlawn Park when disaster struck on the third lap.  A glass cut in her Challenge Limus tire occurred 50 feet past the pits. Kari nursed the bike around, got a bike change and rallied to get 4th on the day and win the MFG series for elite women.
Meanwhile, down in Louisville, Kentucky, Logan Owen and Justin Lindine were ready to take on USGP number 5 & 6 (the Derby Cup), on the Worlds course at Eva Bandman Park.
Logan ripped it up on day one, got a great start ( had race # 1) , got the hole shot and then went a little too fast on a high speed berm and went head over heals. Logan, being a great BMX’er let go of the bike, tucked/shoulder rolled and came out scuffed but no broken collarbone.  Logan ran after the bike, ghost riding down the course, grabbed it and headed off to chase down the race that just passed him by.  So, from first to last in just one minute, exciting stuff!  After two laps Logan got plenty of passing practice, hauled in the race leader and then went on the attack, taking back the lead. Logan won by 45 seconds over his World Cup teammate Curtis White. Logan did not pit at all, somewhat surprising with the crash and all.  Logan’s Shimano Di2 equipped Redline Conquest Carbon team was rock solid, and the FSA components held together.  For you tech folks, Logan ran the Challenge Griffo XS file tread tires with 30lbs. front, 31lbs. rear.
Justin Lindine lined up in the #12 spot in the elite men’s race and got off to a good start, but things got crazy in the sand sections, and Justin got bounced around a bit. Justin kept advancing and moving up through the field and with three laps to go he made contact with the chase group of Adam Craig, Tim Johnson, Danny Summerhill and Ben Berden.  At this point, Jeremy Powers and Ryan Trebon were up the road by about 25 seconds. With two laps to go Justin caught a toe on a barrier and went down to his knee, just loosing contact with the chase group as the pace elevated for the last lap.  Justin kept trying to make contact but just never got back on board the group of four chasers.  SO Justin finished 7th on day one, which was really super considering every top American elite male ‘cross racer was there. Justin rode the same wheels as Logan with the same tire pressure.
Day two racing found elite junior Logan Owen calmer and taking the race from start to finish.  Logan got a great start, created a 30 second lead and rode tempo to consolidate the victory.  It was a smooth ride, and made a bit better due to water hand-ups being allowed in the pits.  It was in the low 70’s on Saturday, high 60’s on Sunday—hot and dusty for ‘cross folks from wet Seattle and New England.
In the elite men’s race Justin Lindine was better than the day before getting on the train of top racers earlier in the race. Unfortunately Justin rolled a tire on the last half lap and yet toughed it out with an 14th place finish.  Logan and Justin raced the same wheels all weekend and yet the front tire came un-glued—(darn) on Justin.
   Great racing by Justin and Logan, showing what the Redline Conquest Carbon Team can do on the 2013 World Championship course.
The Redline ‘cross team could not perform their best without the following Co-sponsors that contribute. Special thanks to Challenge tires, Kool Stop, Voler clothing, FSA components, XLC, Pryme, and Honey Stinger nutritionals.
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