Here we are, just getting into the race season and the tour stories are already piling up!  The USABMX Desoto national last week ended a six week trip for the rig so I figured I better sit down and jot down a few thoughts so I have room in my brain for new ones.  The road trips get so busy sometimes that I forget some of the cool stuff I see and all of the little shredders I meet at the Flight Schools.  Luckily I’ve captured a few moments in digital to share.

The Spring trip started with a Flight School and RL Cup qualifier out west in Tucson, then it was over to Chandler BMX and the national at Black Mountain BMX in Phoenix.  From there, we trucked it all the way over to Oldsmar, FL for more USABMX racing and Flight Schools.  We hit some cool tracks in Cape Coral and Orlando, then worked our way back west to Dothan, AL and Gretna, LA and capped off the trip in Desoto.  I was lucky enough to have Tangent elite rider Riley Stair along for part of the ride so that helped make the long hours in the rig a little more interesting, not to mention the benefit of a stylish dude to ride with and a training partner who can easily do donuts around me. TM/shredder Nate Berkheimer and elite racer, Alex Anthony, from our sister company, Diamondback, came down to Austin with me from Desoto and got to spend some time schooling me on how to get the Flight Carbon in the air.  This town can definitely keep you on your toes!

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure:

The baby girl is getting her glamour shot at Black Mountain BMX by world famous photographer, gOrk


Some hot-rodders messing up my air quality at Firebird Int. Raceway. VIP tickets courtesy of Chandler BMX’s Rinny Dyar


Pit-stop on the beach to pop some wheelies and touch up on the tan


The Flight School crew in Gretna, LA



St Patty’s Day in New Orleans, trying to make sure we don’t get pinched!


Jackson Square.  New Orleans


Late-night pies on the mean streets of Austin


Berkheimer trying to get an altitude nose-bleed at some local dirt piles.  The little fella up there is Austin resident and former elite racer, Matt Kelty.


That’s it for this installment, folks.  I’m excited about Flight Schools this weekend at Lone Star BMX in San Antonio ( Sat 2-5) and Cowtown BMX in Ft Worth (Sun 11-2).  Lets keep the toes crossed for good weather!  Summer tour starts in four short weeks.  Check us out here for lots of pics and play-by-plays of the team tearing up the circuit.  See ya, jc