Today was a WILD day. definitely not like every other.

It atleast started out normal. I slept in, ate breakfast, laid around the hotel, ate lunch at a local cafe (where my mother was having personal bubble issues with my feet..i like to stretch out while i eat, and aren’t you allowed to set them on your mothers legs?? lol), and headed towards the track. I went in time for the pro practice instead of the 15 and over because it was so nice out and i figured i’d have plenty of time to practice when it was a little cooler. (it’s ridiculously humid here for another weekend of racing…and i practiced thursday night as well).

I get to the track, go to the bathroom, it starts to drizzle. dang it. I rush to put my race gear on to get a few laps in on the first straight, but in that short time it starts to POUR. practice is delayed and a bunch of people are piling under the redline tent…and eventually the trailer to get out of the slanted rain.

While we’re all sitting in the hot trailer…at least jason carnes is there to entertain us. He has this HUGE bike bag he starts rummaging through, looks to christian becerine and says "when will i see you next?". They start going through a list of races and they can’t figure out a race coming up soon so eventually they both settle on the worlds. Anyways, jason keeps rummaging and makes it seem like he’s got something big and important for christian to see…next thing you know, jason whips out an AB ROLLER!!!! HAHA. While pointing to his abs and flexing he says, "next time you see me, these are gonna be sooooo chizzled!!" haha, we all just looked at him and started laughing, but he was dead serious. It was pretty funny. jason’s next entertaining move had to do with the entertainment of the night…

As we’re all sitting under the tent…the skies are clearing…the storm seems to be over…jason walks out of the trailer to check it out…and the INSTANT he steps out onto the ground from the trailer, a huge CRACK comes from lightning in the sky. It was so loud and close it scared everyone. jason’s first reaction was to crouch, run into the trailer, and hold on to one of the guys legs though. haha i tried to put a video up of it but it’s only a video of lenny’s video he got of jason doing this…so it might not be that clear, but defintely worth checking out.

Also to check out: my home made video fo the after math of this lightning bolt that scared jason. it actually HIT a tree right behind the J&R tent. It split a tree, a good 15-20 ft up and wood flew everywhere. I also came to find out that Tim Dinger was walking his bike about 10 ft away from this tree when it happened!! (he is ok though) Apparently he was going from under a tent to a van to be picked up on the street….as the van door opened up for him to run and jump in….the lightning hit and split the tree, pieces flying into the van and denting it. Pretty crazy stuff. Also, Justin travis and two other boys were holding on to the metal on the easy-up that tim had just come from under…they, along with tim were shocked a little. It’s not everyday you get struck by lightning…so i guess tim’s got a story!

When we got back to the hotel, i watched some tv on michael jackson’s death…also another crazy happening, and then went to dinner. I had some amazing lasagna with my mom…who again was complaining about me invading her bubble. haha, gotta love her.

anyways, it’s late and i need to hit the hay, but i will update you more tomorrow on the racing action!!