All I have to say about south park, PA is that i am glad it is over!!!

The second day of racing brought me even worse luck than the first day. The gate was dropping slow earlier in the day (due to a different piston) so i kept hitting the gate, and then in the main I came unclipped and got 7th with a near death experience down the second straight. Well okay, I didn’t even crash it was just super scary!

I hopped on an early flight home with my mom and got the heck out of there ASAP so i could get home and get ready to go to my cabin for a few days. The cabin was probably the best thing for me to just relax and get my mind off the races over the weekend. I was EXTREMELY upset after sunday’s racing and not thinking about it for two days allowed me to look at my bike again without being mad. Sounds dumb, but it’s true.

You’d think it was the sunshine and awesome-ness of the lake that made my cabin so fun, but that’s not true. It was the CRAPPIEST weather out, in the 60’s to be precise, cold and windy, but we still managed to go out and wakeboard/ski for a bit…CRAZY KIDS!! but yeah, besides that we just four wheeled, played cards, had a fire (s’mores are amazing), drove the gold cart around, and just hung out. It was just nice for me not to have a SCHEDULE for once!!

I’m home now though…so it’s back to reality. ugh. haha, but atleast I got my new Redline frame today, I’ll explain more about that later!

Here’s some pics from the cabin!