We went out to eat last night so we never got internet connection…sorry about that. Anyways, time trials went well for everybody in the US of A. All the boys made it in the top 32 and the girls top 13 (except arielle who was rolling the track to get some points).

So today we rolled up to the track, everybody feeling pretty good. The boys practice went well and the girls followed with a pretty solid 30 minute warm up. The races got going then, and of course like every other time…there were mixed results coming in. (probably due to the amount of luck involved with avoiding crashes in bmx haha). Fortunately, no american was "motofill". Everybody moved on to the next round of qualifying. As the day went on though, America didn’t have the best results. Only myself, Nic Long, and Donny Robinson got all the way to the final. I crashed in my main and ended up with a 7th, Donny got 2nd to Sam Willoughby, and Nic Long followed them in for a solid 6th and is stoked about that.

On the girls side of things, we looked really good in practice, but it didn’t all show in the races. Each of us had our moments (Brooke rode a really good lap in the third round and Taylor stayed on two wheels that same round). I on the other hand did not have a good third round. I SLAMMED the gate, was sitting in 7th into the first turn, decided to dive bomb to roll the second straight and managed to make the final with it.) In the main I didn’t do so well. First off, I almost missed the race, so I got up on the gate all hurried. Then I got cut off down the hill for a solid 7th place first straight. I had somewhat of an opening though when the french girls balled eachother up coming out of the first turn, so I took it and tried to get through the second straight clean. I almost made it until the girl I was trying to pass up for 4th decided to brake in front of me, then I hit her a little and basically got out of control as I was jumping. But I made the final for the first time so there is a positive to pull out of the race.

For the boys, David Herman hit the gate in the quarters and was followed by everybody but Nic and Donny for a non quallifying position.

We are on our way out tomorrow afternoon to head back home. I will update you guys on the busy week of heading out to college soon!!