We FINALLY got to ride the track today. It was a bit sketch during the girls practice…3 of the top riders crashed REALLY hard: Arielle Martin, Sammy Cools, and Lauren Reynolds. Sammy crashed the hardest in my opinion She is currently in the hospital due to a SEVERE loopout on the third straight. Never seen someone crash so fast and hard. Arielle Martin has a hairline fracture in her hand from her fast lap overclear on the second straight, and Lauren has some shoulder stuff going on due to her crash on the first jump. So as you can see, all these crashes happened on different parts of the track and it’s no specific part of the track messing with people. I think the track is just built so that there’s no “easy” part to warm up on. It’s just hit it and go. And not only do you have to go for one jump at a time, you have to go for whole sections because it’s all bout flow.

The first jump was EASY after riding chula’s all last week, so me and brooke pinned it down the hill first together and hit the first straight smoothe. Then I went for the triple on the first straight (after a pretty messed up run down the hill and over the first jump) and cased pretty hard, hence I crashed. Haha, but taylor tried it and cased just as hard but stayed up so I guess it just depends where you land. I think tomorrow when we don’t have the head/tail wind going for us the girls won’t be able to hit the triple or some of the lines tried on the third straight. As for myself though, I felt good today overall, and have some confidence going into this race compared to past supercross races.

The American boys rode well, as well as Sam Willoughby so I think the racing is going to shape up to be pretty good. The men’s rider count dropped from 80 something to 54, and the girls is slowly dwindling as well, so let hope we keep enough to race. Time trials are tomorrow, so wish us luck!!