so much has happened since my california race but i have had NO TIME to get on here and tell you about it… first things first. I had to get caught up in school after missing a bunch for denmark, cali and fresno, sam came back to america, compete in the CLC track championships, and there was a scholarship awards ceremony at school, and I had my graduation party.

When i got back from fresno, i only had a couple days left of school…8 to be exact. but before that 8 was up, grades were due in like 4. So in four days, i had to get caught up from all the days missed for my races at the end of the year…typical.

on top of that, sam flew back. however, the night he flew in, i had an awards ceremony at school. Here they recognized people who had been awarded scholarships for college. It was a great evening, especially since a lot of my friends were recieving the awards and it was nice hearing about all their future plans and previous accomplishments. I recieved the HealthPartners Healthcare Scholarship for going into health care…(which is what i THINK i am doing..haha) after that I went straight home to get ready for my AP Calculus test the next morning. Luckily, my parents went and got sam that night.

So the next day, as i said, I took my AP Calc test..which let’s just say I should’ve stuidied for a little bit more. Would have helped if i would have done math since before i went out to denmark….i had a little bit of short term memory going on during that test haha. but i guess we’ll see the results in july!

After my test, I headed out to the Conference Championships in track and field. Because my quad was, and still is, so messed up, I decided not to run in my three sprint relays and just pole vaulted. Somehow I pulled off being an All Conference Athlete for pole vault that day…but let me tell you, during and after that, my leg HURT!!

And last but not least, I had my graduation party over memorial weekend. i decided to have it a the weekend before i actually graduated because i knew how hectic it would be after. I had a perfect, sunny summer day with lots of friends, family, and good food to celebrate with! It was a great day and really go tme in the mood for graduation which happened friday may 29.