Hello, my name is Justin David Cardoza (aka "the Cardoza Kidd"). I am a STREET COMMUTER.  

I love bikes and I do a lot of riding during the year here in Arizona and I recently needed a new steed for 2010.  My local bike shop – GOLDEN SPOKES, had this REDLINE D440 29er in there and I really liked the way it looked.  John (the owner) gave me a good deal on the 2009 D440 that he had on his showroom floor, and I ended up purchasing it.

Not to brag, but I am TOUGH on bikes. I bought a Raleigh Passage 3.5 from John in February 2007 and just gave it to someone who needed it more than me – after putting 6,015 miles on it.  I also ride a 1983 Raleigh Olympian road bike that I have put about 2,917 miles on since June of 2008.  Most recently, I’d been riding my converted 2002 GIANT YUKON single speed mountain bike – which I’ve put 559.9 miles on since October 2009.


To make a long story short, I plan to ride the HELL out of this D-440 29er, to see how it stands up.  Wish me luck. My goal every year is to match my age (turning 37 in May) so it will be 3700 miles.

My secondary goal would be to simply beat last year which was 3,395.38. 

Just wanted to give you some background and get this email out since I purchased the bike – and maybe I can help you product-test this bike for your website.


Already got 71 miles on it and I just love it.  The problem I have is throughout the year by just riding alot, I break bikes down. I am curious to see how this baby holds up. 

I will update you monthly with my miles and if I need any repairs or what not.

Llet the journey begin!

–Justin David Cardoza

(aka "the Cardoza Kidd")