This weekend was the two first rounds of the Norwegian

national series held on Sola BMX track and Sandnes BMX



Day one racing was intense and close. Seb won all of his

motos and got second behind Sifiso Nhlapo in the semi

final. Sifiso is a world class rider(W3 in 08`) from South Africa

training and traveling with the norwegian team. With him joining

the national rounds the level is stepping up even more. In the

final Sebastian put it together with a great start and won from

start till finish with the fastest lap of the day. A great win for

Seb. Top three podium:

1. Sebastian Kartfjord        NOR/Spinn-Redline

2. Sifiso Nhlapo                   RSA/Intense/Red Bull

3. Andre Fossaa Aguiluz    NOR/Spinn-Redline

Day2, Sandnes, round 2

Day 2 looked to be another success for Seb. The race was on his home track in Sandnes

where he has been unbeaten in theese type of races for the last years. Seb continued

where he left saturday and won all his motos and the semi final. In the final he touched the

gate with his frontwheel, just enough for Andre Fossaa Aguiluz to get out first. Down the

second straight witch is the fastest on the track, he caught up with traffic while coming from

behind. Seb tangeled bars with one of the other riders while in 3rd and went down hard.

This ended his chances for a podium on the day. He hit his head hard but is reported to be OK!

Next weekend Seb goes to Italy for round 3+4 of the Europan Championships. The following

 weekend is leg 2 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Copenhagen.