The 2010 Euro Champ series, rounds 9 and 10, were held in Klatovy Czech Republic. Known for its poor track with wide, open turns and lots of carnage, this would be a wild one. On top of  all that, it was raining pretty much all weekend which made for really hard and tough racing conditions. Come Sunday and main event time, Sebastian had qualified for a spot in the Elite Mens Final (top 8). From the gate he battled with Edzus Treimanis. Coming into the first turn they were even, with a few riders in front of them. Edzus took the inside and Seb took outside. On the outside he got Raymon Vd Biezen from Holland (who is looking to win the series overall). Raymon got out of balance and was leaning towards Seb, and with loose gravel on top of the berm, the No.1 Norway Pro went down; ending his chances for a top spot. Edzus went on to win the final.

"Final didn`t turn out the way I wanted, bummed about the crash but felt it was out of my hands

and would take the same line if we were to go again"

Sebastian commented after the race. He ended in 8th place.

To watch a Video from the final –CLICK HERE


Is up next. This will be a special event with organizers building the track in the middle of the town. This is Sebastian`s hometown and the locals have a lot of expectations from the local BMXer! This is together with the world champs in the end of july this years biggest goals for Sebastian July 8-11.

BMX has done gotten a lot of press the last few weeks leading up to the event, and the race will go on national TV saturday night a few hours after the race.