European championships finals round 11 and 12, 8-11 july.

The organisation in Sebastian`s hometown did a great job and a lot of the competitors meant it was the best euro champs ever! With coverage two days on both national television NRK and Eurosport, and over 2000 spectators it was a big success!

The track was designed by Sebastian himself and that way he got his own personal touch on the track.

"The track has a flat first straight witch requires a lot of power, second straight got some of the biggest jumps we`ve seen this year. Third straight has a long technical section with no room for error. Last straight we did something unusual by putting in two high doubles. The crowd loved it"

On the final day Sebastian qualified for the main event.

"I was sure I could win that race, practice been going good and the track suited me well. I guess I was a little bit too eager and hit the (start)gate with my front wheel slowing me down out of the gate. So I had to come from behind, but managed a 4th place finish at the line. A win or even a podium in my hometown would have been great, but I am still happy to be in the main and the way the race went on, the atmosphere from the crowd was huge!"