Yesterday was a great cross weather day. Lot’s of rain and mud. I was very excited to get to race on a great muddy course.

This course started out with a downhill into a right had turn and then into a very muddy flat road section that had a couple lines through it. On the the start Jadine got the whole shot and took off. She was on fire, I took the right upper line on the flat road and soon realized that that was not the line as Ann and Beth came by flying by me. I made a note that the middle wet line was much faster for the next lap. We then went into a short run up with 2 barriers, always hard for me with up hill barriers as my legs are so darn short.

Once we got back on the bikes it was Ann then me and Beth and Jadine. I decided to catch my breath and stay on Ann’s wheel for a bit to see if I could learn where her weaknesses were. So I rode one lap on Ann’s wheel, she is a great bike handler and has so much power. It is awesome to be riding with her!!

We went through the pits then downhill a short fast downhill and back up into another set of barriers on the flat grass. There was a deep mud puddle right before the barriers, we got over those then into this long wet mud section. I tried to ride it but wasted a lot of energy so I got off and ran, Ann managed to ride it and we came out together on the gravel. We got back going and then there was a section that was downhill a bit and fast so I took off there and got a small gap. I tried to attack to gain some ground and it worked. I pulled ahead to about 20secs and with 2 laps to go I decided to pit because my shifting was getting a bit messed up by the mud. I got on my B bike and off I went. But right away I knew that the Bulldog tires were a hair to big for this wet muddy course and I actually slowed down with having more tire on the ground. They were great as far as handling but just a hair to big for these conditions. So I lost about 10 sec and got right back to the pits and exchanged to get back on the smaller tires and wow what a difference. I was back up to speed and managed to hold onto the win by only 5 sec over Ann. Ann had a great race and is getting stronger with every race.

Overall a great race for me, but immediately after I finished I had a asthma attack and had to get my inhaler. I have not had that happen in quite some time. I think my inhaler’s may be old and not working because the last 2 races I have had some difficulty with breathing. So I am getting new inhalers today to see if that helps.

And Jadine held off Beth to finish out the podium spots in 3rd. Nice race Jadine!!!

Holden raced today in conditions that most 8 year olds would have never wanted to race in. It was raining and about 45 degrees with lots of standing splashy water on the course. He rode so good, he did go off course once and hit a tree. But Uncle Wick was there to save him and get him back on the bike. He could have quit but he didn’t, he pushed on and finished. He was emotionally drained at the end, but once Dad got him all changed and warmed up he was ok. What a stud that kid is!!! He ended in 4th today.

And Chadly also had a great day. After the first lap he was in 2nd place!! The guy in 3rd came on strong and moved into 2nd but Chad held on strong for 3rd in the Master 35+ 1/2 men. Great day for Chad.

Ok so one more SCX series race. I have won 7 so far and am trying to make it 8 to keep my streak going. Hope I can do it!!