On Sunday morning we heading back down to Fort Steilacoom park for the SCX #4 Series race. This course usually had a very long and steep run up that always makes me hurt, but they took the run up out for this course so I was very happy!! The course was very fast with only one time off the bike for a double barrier, otherwise it was either uphill, downhill or fast flat grass.

We had 10 elite girls on the start line. I got a great start with the whole shot going into the first 90 degree right hand turn. I got a little to cocky and took the corner to fast and to tight and with the grass being wet, I hit the ground hard. I was in front so all the girls had to navigate around me. I jumped back up and realized my front wheel had come loose a bit and my left brake caliper was stuck under my rim. I started to try to fix it and everyone was telling me not to panic and stay calm. That was the best advice, I stayed cool and got everything back working and off I went. I was now about 30 sec behind the last place girl and had a lot of work to do to catch back up. I put my head down and started charging. It took me about 2 full laps to catch back up with the top 5 girls. Once I was there I settled in on 2nd and 3rd’s place wheel to catch my breath for a bit.

I could see Ann who was in 1st place just up the road, about 15 sec so I decided I was going to try to attack Jadine and Lea on the flat grass section and try to pull Ann back. I was feeling really good, so I went for it. I managed to get on Ann’s wheel by the start/finish area. We had 2 laps to go at this point so I decided to try to get some space. Ann stayed with me through the uphill climb section of the course, she is so strong. When we hit the flat grass again I put the hurt down a bit and pushed myself as hard as I could to get a gap. It worked, I got about a 10 sec gap going into the last lap.

I started catching up with the guys and started using them to help me get a bigger gap. They pushed me to go faster and that gave me the edge to get away a bit. I held my lead and finished about 20sec ahead of Ann who finished in 2nd place.

It was a great race, I am really proud of myself for pushing and not giving up and working my way back up to win the race. Like I always say "never give up, you never know what could happen!"

A great race, we are on to a double weekend this coming weekend with a MFG Series race at Lincoln Park in West Seattle on Sat and a SCX Series race on Sunday at Maris Farms in Buckley.