SCX #2 Beverly Elementary

Day number 2 of racing this weekend. We woke up in Federal Way in Station 62’s parking lot in the True North Trailer, which is just so darn awesome!!The morning started out pretty darn cold, coldest race day yet. It was sunny and a beautiful fall day, great for cross racing!We headed up to South Seattle to Beverly Park Elementary school. What a great venue, the course was small but really overall the lap times were perfect and the course was awesome. It really favored me with all the tight corners and the technical downhill section. I was very excited to race this course knowing that I could use the technical parts to my advantage.

Holden my son raced first and what a great job he did. They had the kids to the run up which they normally don’t make them do and Holden did so awesome. His little legs got him up that run up and he looked so darn cute. There are so many junior kids in our series and I think some of them have nicer bikes then I do!! Way to go Holden, you rock!

I was next from our family to race. Kari and Jenni weren’t there today. Kari went to OR I think to finish out the Oregon/Washington Clash weekend and Jenni had to get back to ID to race the season opener in Spokane for the East Side Series.We still had a good turn out though, with some strong local girls. Our Series is so great, we really have a very strong field of women and on any day anyone of the girls can win. So we lined up at the start, this start was hard, we rode about 200-300 feet and then right into a barrier and a run up that was really pretty steep. So I knew this was going to hurt really bad. I started a bit slower knowing that, and was 2 at the top of the run up behind Lea Stralka. I got on and caught my breath and then attacked on the back side and got in the lead. Lea and Jadine Rolcik were right on my wheel through the first tight corners sections. I could hear them breathing down my back!! So I held my pace and then tried to attack once we hit the more technical part of the course. I managed to get a 15-20sec gap once we hit the track and through the first lap. I kept that gap for another lap, and then noticed that I didn’t see Lea anymore. I later found out her pedal broke so she was out.I kept a pretty good gap over 2nd place, so I decided it was time to see how far I could move up into the Master 3 men 35+. We got into their group pretty fast with only starting 30sec behind them. So I started trying to catch and pass as many guys as I could . I really felt strong, my ankle was still a bit sore on the run up so I had to baby it a bit there, but it was ok every where else.I managed to get up into the top 20 of the men’s category overall and won my race so I had a very good day. Much better then Saturday because the course was so much better suited for my strengths. I really enjoyed the course and hope we keep coming back to that place for sure!!