A WINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] =] how exciting!

I felt really good in practice yesterday and it paid off today. The track is actually pretty technical with a triple on the first straight that you HAVE to jump, and a pretty flowy second straight as well. My first few rounds didn’t go so well, little mistakes here and there, but come main time I finally put it all together. This is my first win of the season and I am really excited for it. It’s quite motivating to be riding so much better only two weeks after gymnastics ended. I am looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully can put it all together again!

Tonight I had an amazing experience though….Cirque Du Soleil Mystere at the Treasure Island hotel was AMAZING!!! Hands down the best show I’ve ever seen and it was well worth the money. So, that was my entertainment for the night but i’m off to bed now to get ready for tomorrow so wish me luck!! =]