Finally i have got my act together and started my first blog for Redline. Its been a busy busy couple of months for me since becoming the Australian edition to Team RL. 

For those of you who don’t know me. My name is Sam Willoughby and I am a AA pro from Adelaide, Australia. 


I am really excited to be a part of the Redline team. Growing as a 8-14 year old I have always rode Redline bikes and I can’t stress enough how happy I am to be back on a Redline. Redline is one of the few BMX companies that have passed the test of time. Since being on board, I can see why. Their bikes, parts and professional approach to BMX is second to none. So as you can tell, I am pretty excited to be on board and even more so to get the 2010 season underway. 


This season I will be representing Redline on the ABA circuit, the UCI super cross circuit and at the UCI world Championships in South Africa. 

The ABA season got underway two weekends ago in Reno (kind of old news now, i know) and the track was actually really good and fun to ride. However the short first straight made for it to be very tuff to stay out front from the outside lanes. 


I went into Reno feeling prepared but unprepared to race. Due to the heavy training phase we have been in over the last few months, I was defiantly not feeling the sharpest out there. But I am sure it will all pay off come mid to end of the season. 

I ended the weekend with two 4th place scores. My buddy and good friend from Australia, Jared Graves, made the trip over for Reno and did quite well with a 3rd and 2nd in AA-pro. 


We are now down in Guthire, OK getting ready for the Sooner Nationals and stop #2 of the ABA pro circuit. I hear the track is  little more open here due to the bigger arena so i am definitely looking forward to the longer first straight and pro section. 


I will try and update some more over the weekend.

Thanks for reading, mate.