It was another awesome weekend of BMX for our riders out in Salt Lake City for the third stop of the Dew Tour. With no park contest at this stop, all focus was on dirt as Jared Eberwein, Hucker, Josh Hult, and Brandon Dosch took to the course.


Jared is ripped!

Note: Jared is ripped.


Jared was killing it all day in practice on Thursday, but during his last chance qualifying runs he went down hard on the long and low and ruptured his spleen. As of writing this (Sunday morning) Jared is still in the hospital in Salt Lake where they are monitoring his condition. Right now it is just a waiting game to see if he will undergo surgery. Luckily Jared has the love and support of his mother and girlfriend with him at the hospital, but it’s still a super tough situation, and we are all wishing him the best and a speedy recovery.



Hucker rode really well in the last chance qualifying and ended up taking the top spot after throwing out some crazy dipped 360s, a frontflip, and a 720.

During prelims Josh and Hucker held it together and put down some solid runs that gave them both high enough scores to make it into the finals where they would meet Dosch who had a by into the finals after placing third at the last stop of the Tour.


A quick rainstorm threatened to postpone the finals on Saturday afternoon, but the skies eventually cleared and the course crew worked their magic to have the jumps ready to go before the fans started pouring in. Having three of our riders on the roll-in for finals was an awesome sight, and when the sun was down, the lights were on, and the TV cameras were rolling, they all came out swinging. Hucker finished in eighth place and was the only rider all weekend to flip the entire long and low. He also landed a smooth no-handed frotflip, and then did his now-signature bar ride down the sidelines to stoke out the enormous crowd. Josh started off his run with a 360 down the roll-in, then fired out a 360 downside whip, a double whip, an opposite double whip, and capped things off with a 360 double downside whip that put him right in the middle of the pack at a respectable sixth place. Dosch always seems to hold back in practice, but pulls out wild runs during the finals, and this contest was no different. His runs included a tailwhip down the roll-in, stylish 360 lookbacks, double whips, and 720s both directions. When the dust settled at the end of the night Dosch found himself back on the podium with another third place finish, which also leaves him in third place for the overall Dew Tour standings this year.

Next month they will be back at it as everyone heads out to the fourth and final stop of the Tour in Las Vegas. See you there!  


Hult doing vert.