They found my stuff!! By they I don’t mean the airlines, they’re @#$%^&*ing retards. I had given up hope. * We got a bit more snow last night, about 2 mm and they shut down the whole dang country again. I thought these people were hardcore. They’re not. Oh NO! It’s snowing we can’t do anything, oh shoot we have too much work to do with all these bags but we still need our two hour freaking lunch break. * So we had a mechanic flying in this morning, Geoff had asked him to check around baggage claim to see if he could spot our stuff. He sent a pic this morning of a bike box chillin’ in the middle of the floor. And it was mine! I gave him my tracking numbers and he stood in an hour long line to check on my duffle bag. They we’re able to track that down also. It seriously would have been Weds or Thurs before they would have figured out they had my stuff and probably the day before I’m flying out until they delivered it. I spent most of my cash on misc items to get through, so I’m going to put up a fight when they try to charge me $300 to fly my bike back. * Mitch and I cleaned our room today; it looked like a pigpen. Actually, I was there for moral support. I don’t really have anything so all I had to do was put away my toothbrush. Apparently today we have a room inspection (kind of like they do in prison), Steve told me that if a Belgian checks our room we may need to make a few changes because the bike racer customs here are a bit more dramatic. For example, a bike racer never, never has plants in a room as it takes away oxygen needed to recover (a little counter intuitive in my book). Not that we have plants anyway. You never hang clothes to dry in your room (not sure the logic there, probably because you didn’t pay to use the dryer? That’s what I think, anyways). * Unrelated to rooms, a racer never ever eats frites, especially at the races as the frite stands are plentiful. A junior kid ate frites after a race last weekend and you woulda thought he stabbed someone. It’s a little confusing; because I think frites are much more healthy than a lot of the horsemeat stuff we end up eating. * According to Fox (normally Team BMC sougneur, but ours for cross), we don’t rest enough or read enough and are on our computers too much. He also says we eat too much. Every time he walks in, he gives us crap for always eating. I’ve hidden my Nutella. I listen to him because he’s been a sougneur for 20 years (the Belgians go to school for this), he works with top racers, and basically knows everything involving bike racing. *

We even have a Christmas tree!! I guess USA Cycling sent it a few years ago.

Table set, ready for Christmas dinner… We got BMC hats for Christmas from Ells. We were even allowed soda to celebrate the holiday.