Ryan Iddings is home from racing ‘Cross in Europe, see his final blog post. below.  Ryan will give a talk on his experiences racing ‘Cross in Belguim at Gregg’s Green lake Cycles January 27th (Thursday) @ 6pm.

Today it was only Jim and I left. I woke up at noon and we decided to take the train to Brugge to do some tourist crap. It was totally worth it, when I get home I’ll put up some photo’s, it’s a very cool city. Currently I’m trying to stay up to go to the airport at AM. The primary reason for this is I don’t have an alarm clock, a working phone, or someone else to wake me up. I’m a little concerned at this point that I am going to pass out, miss my flight and be stuck here. I’m also figuring that I can sleep in the car and on the plane so it’ll be better for jet lag as it’s closer to my destination time zone, I’m doubtful of this though. Usually when I try crap like this I end up just being really, really tired, feel shitty and don’t sleep anyways. Yeah, actually now that I think about it I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen. I’m really hoping the airport goes smoothly in my tiredness. I know it won’t but It’d be cool if it did. I really don’t want to pay $250.00 to the freaking airlines to get my bikes home. I’m going to mention, actually more than mention, that they lost my bags and my bikes for a week!! The only reason I have them has nothing to do with them doing their jobs. I know for a absolute fact that when I arrive in Seatac my bikes will not show up. I will have paid $250.00 to stand in line at baggage services to fill out forms. I’ll try to be more persuasive than this, but I have a feeling it’s going to be tough. I’m really not sure if I should try to bike part thing, I’ve heard it works but I’m doubtful, "no, it’s not a bike, it’s just a big box of parts." Then when you open it to take stuff out because it’s overweight and see you’re lying you look like a major douche. I’m willing to take that risk.