I hadn’t been to Rockford since ’07 so I was looking forward to going, and also having some HFS time with the boys!  Which is always good!


Got in Thursday night, me Jason and Hot Chocolate (Denzel) drove from Chicago to Rockford (after a quick Chipotle pitt stop of course!).  It took 2 hours!  The traffic was crazy, so much construction was going on.  Met up with Trent and Samabee at the hotel.  Friday morning we went and had a family HFS dinner at cracker barrel and had practice later that afternoon, felt good in practice.  Not many guys there but everyone that was there was legit!

Saturday I felt okay in mottos, not great but good enough to get in the semi.  Ended up just missing out on the main getting 5th in the semi.  Bummed, hadn’t watched a main in a while!  But I had some good recovery that evening and got ready to go the next morning.  

Sunday my legs felt better and I won a motto and got into the main finishing 3rd in the semi behind team mates Sam and Denzel.  Hit the gate in the main but made some passes around the track and ended up 4th!  Happy with the result.  Looking forward to Salt Lake City next week!  Then I’m home for a day and off to race the euro finals and the worlds. 🙂  Should be a fun busy summer!


TN 49