There definitely wasn’t rain today…it was HOT. mostly humid but sunny as well. The day was also really long because they ran the cancelled friday night race before the other races today.

My racing went OK. I got another second. Overall I think I was riding pretty good for just coming back from an injury…my first straights were feeling fast. I did take a hard crash (OTB-Over the bars) in the second moto though. I came unclipped at fulled charge and that did feel good! but i came back in the third round and still qualified for the main. Then in the main I had a really good first two straights and was looking to go for the pass down the third straight…but ended up bonking that didn’t work out too well. Tomorrow is an ABA day though so I REALLY hope to do well tomorrow and get a win.

JR MEN RESULTS- Denzel Stein 1st. Sam Willoughby 2nd. and Tommy Zula 3rd. Jordan Seward was riding good on his home track but crashed in the main in the first turn.

Elite men results- Kyle Bennett does it again! ….and dR donny robinson had a good 4th to 2nd move in the second turn and ended up with the second.

Tomorrow should be a good day…a lot quicker and cooler hopefully since it’s earlier in the day.

wish me luck!