My heading refers to Denzel Stein not being able to race the Redline Cup because of his back today, it was just a little too sore to handle I guess and there was no big d racing the rlc. below you will find him spectating.

moving right along though…

Just as I suspected after seeing the track…I got a whole bunch of seconds this weekend. Of course staying positive is the key to winning any race, but I really don’t think there was much realistic-ness in thinking I was going to pull someone almost twice my size (hence twice as strong) around that flat of a track. It was very much so a pedal..pump….pedallllllll….pump………….peeedddddaaallllll….. and so on. Every lap got better and better, closer and closer this weekend but just never quite cut it. Stephanie Barragan pulled out the third both days with Kayla Gaddis finishing up in fourth.

As for the boys…they dropped a few racers throughtout the weekend. Started out with semis, down to two groups by sunday for the AA’s, and two racks down to one rack for everybody else. (except the girls who always only had one group.) Yesterday Maris slid out in the first turn, leaving stumpy, khlaen, and nic long to round out the podium. Day two was more to Maris’s likings, getting lane 1 in the main inside stumpy, and basically just controlling the race from start to finish with ky khalen young and randy stumpfhauser in tow. Tyler Faoro won both saturday and sunday in single A, and not sure who ended up winning in vet. Saw a few crashes…

I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone notices how appreciative the east coast kids are to have the pros around. They don’t get to see us race as much and it shows. Little kids came up to me left and right asking for stuff this weekend. Mostly photos and autographs, not just free stuff. It’s so nice to see that you’re making a kids day just by chatting with them, or just having them come up and sincerely say good job, now will you cheer for me too? I think it’s so adorable. And of course I make a bunch of little friends out of it. The little boy pictured is one of my little boyfriends, except this one is special. He even asked me on a date to the prestigious chucke cheese restaurant =] ..biiiiiigggg spender haha. I also made a little gal pal at the get together the Applewhite family hosted saturday night. There was a tramp there I decided to do a few ever-so-missed- flips on, and the little girl (pictured)decided she wanted to learn some gymnastics too. So I got to "coach" her a little which was fun. Gosh I miss gymnastics.

Anyways, its back to SD for me to get ready for Chula next weekend. Lots of exciting stuff happening this week so keep updated with me =]