As always, I have so much to update you on…but the internet in my hotel STINKS!! So, for right now, I will just tell you about my trip to the redline cup east this weekend.

I had class this week, got loaded up on homework, and once again jetted away from campus. That’s 2/2 weekends away from school for me. Most people probably think I have a home sick problem when I pack up the suitcase and trudge off campus every weekend, but the close buddies I’ve made just bring me to the airport and watch my races on go211…They know what’s up =]

Anyways, I had class until thursday night, and somehow had to get to across the country to North Carolina by friday afternoon…wasn’t happening with a friday morning flight. So I headed to the airport thursday night for a 1030pm departure and pulled an allnight flight. Probably wasn’t the best idea coming into a three day race weekend, but I managed a 4 hour nap when I got here so I was feeling OK when we headed to the track tonight. But then I basically missed practice because who knew that garner, nc would have heavy traffic for the 4 mile drive we took to the track. It took a half an hour!! Ridiculous. But anyways, I got to the track took about 3 laps (probably all you need on this incredibly flat track, but hey I still wanted practice on getting my leg speed going for the long straights here!), racing was about to start, and only then realized that the girl pros didn’t even have a class!! Not enough girls showed up tonight to even race! ughhhhhh. So needless to say, I watched on the sidelines as Maris Stromberg won the Elite men (17 riders total only), Tyler Faoro won A pro (straight to mains), and I feel bad but I forgot who won vet pro. After the 45 moto pre-race was over, I went to Logan’s Roadhouse to grab a steak with some DELICIOUS rolls (I had THREE!! Definitely working on that freshmen 15 people speak of haha) with the Redline crew. Now I am just going to do some good ole calculus, along with some biology and head off to bed..cross your fingers for a race tomorrow!

and by the way, shout out to all the troops and everyone involved with 9/11.

peace out