Well, I am sure by now you might have seen the results from the weekend…and for me, they weren’t so hot. I got a 4th and a 5th overall which is definitely not upto par, especially with how much more i have been riding and what not. I’d have to say though, the weekend wasn’t a total wash. When I got there I found out my new Redline felt a little bit different than it did on the small indoor track in minnesota, so I had to try and work out the tweaks there, which I STILL have some parts to swap out. But anyways, I tried to get used to the bike as much as possible, just didn’t quite find my balance point for maualing on a consistent basis so I was bonking the jumps a lot this weekend. Other than that, I came unclipped and crashed once, hit the gate and crashed in the first turn one lap, came unclipped out of the gate one lap, got second in two laps with a bunch of bonks, and rounded out the weekend with my only good lap…which I won and is up on here if you look at the Silver Dollar nationals Girl Pro Main 3 Day 2…I got a good start and had the inside so I took the inside line to the front of the pack, then got pulled and passed by Dominique Daniels on the third straight but in the final turn I had the inside again and pulled a clean move that ended up with her over the corner…it was a really exciting race and everyone was okay so that’s good. The reason I said the weekend wasn’t a complete wash is because i got more used to my new bike, team, the whole deal. I could definitely use some better results at the next race in guthrie, oklahoma though so I will be training!!

check ya later,