Flew in from Phoenix, Stayed there for a week before to get some track time and now I’m here for another month.  So Friday practice I felt really good, felt powerful from the gate to the first turn and felt smooth around the track.  When racing started on Saturday my gates became inconsistent, but still made it out of moto’s with 2-3-3.  Had outside for the quarter but came out really good and finished 2nd.  Then had a bad start in the semi and got put over the last corner making an end to my day.  Sunday my gates weren’t much better but made it out with 3-1-3.  Legs were feeling better than Saturday and I wanted to be in that main.  Finished 3rd in the quarter after making a move from 5th-3rd down the second straight/second turn.  in the semi I got caught up down the first straight and ended up blowing off both pedals when I ran over a down rider right in front of me.  Weekend was over.  

I felt good on the weekend, despite a couple bad laps.  For the first race of the year I know I’m only going to improve and get better.  It was only my second elite race I feel pretty good about the weekend but still disappointed I didn’t get in the main either day.  Back in Phoenix, and getting ready for Guthrie in 2 weeks.


That’s all,


TN #49