Sunday of Reno is alllwaaayyyssss interesting….at the track AND at the hotel. Let’s start with the racing.

Wasn’t feeling too good out there today, definitely had some tired legs. I drank some energy drinks and what not to try to wake up for the mains and I was definitely more hyper, but I think I got a little too jittery. I was ALL over the place in the main, bonking everything. I guess I got lucky with lane 1 working for me today, and just playing my cards right around the track. Being smart is half the battle, and that’s probably the main reason I won today. But hey, a win’s a win right? haha, I am just glad I kicked 2010 off to a good start. It’s a confidence boost.

As for the men. People were mixing it up all day long. Jared Graves, who podiumed yesterday, was almost out in semis having an outside lane but managed a sweet move in the last turn to slide in for the final. Sam Willoughby was also more on his game today and was riding well. When it came to the main it was all about those inside lanes again and Joey Bradford and Kyle Bennett were riding fast into turn one. Kyle got the best of Joey and took the win for the day while Joey fell a ways back while Jared Graves came in for second, Donny Robinson third, and willoughby 4th. I believe bad bubba pulled it in for a 5th again today after some good racing to make the final.

The action didn’t stop at the track however….tonight at the hotel was pretty epic. It all started with me, sam, and jared looking to ride the fake bull and then finding it close so we had a seat next to it, which was apparently a bar area. Sam and I, being under 21, were questioned for ID by some security guard and asked to move. We then went to the infamous corner bar and sat by my parent for a chat, where we were again asked by the same guard to move. So we move 5 feet over, to a table with a heck of a lot more access to alcohol than the stools 10 ft away from the bar…but hey, whatever is "safest" right. (It was just funny since me and sam were sitting with my parents with water and gatorade getting yelled at…talk about a power trip)

Anyways, after eating some ice cream and drinkin some gatorade with the parents, and listening to their stories, a ruckus starts over by the bar an an underage comes on over to our table getting a talkin’ to by that same dang guard…who a parent jokingly called "fabio". Sam thought this was funny and laughed as he repeated "fabio" and somehow another guard heard sam laughing and told him he’d had enough fun for the night and it was time to go to his room. Of course Sam was utterly confused as he was just sitting there drinking his blue gatorade while others were over there getting hammered, and it started a bit of a fude at the parent table. Red bone came to the rescue though and stood up to the TEAM, and i mean TEAM, of security that had been called over to escort Sam for saying FABIO, which he didn’t even really say he just laughed, and eventually got them to walk away and admit their mistake. We all told sam that apparently the word "fabio" is on the small list of unacceptable words in america and never to repeat it again. Ridiculous huh? Reno people are definitely odd.

Now, you’d think that would be a night’s entertainment all in itself, but then this random dude (quite possibly gay) started talkin to sam for at least an hour, and trying to buy him drinks, feel his muscles, compare horoscopes, and give knucks. I mean, this was entertainment for everybody for quite some time before sam had to basically run away while this guy went to get him a caesar salad to get away from him. Hopefully there’s no knocks on sam’s door from stalkers tonight….hahahahaha.

Anyways, this was probably all very confusing to read online but all I have to say was the Silver Dollar Nationals were definitely a good time in 2010, and we’re off to Guthrie next. I’ve got some time at home in the snow first thought, so keep up to date with me!

catch ya later~alise