is in the books.

It was a great kick off to the 2010 season for myself, and the whole slew of people at the race. There was tons of action and great racing, lots of new rules and races being run (it seems like there are 23092834928 different pro mains now which is kind of confusing but oh well), and a few old timers out on the track.

Since it’s late and i need to get some sleep before the 730am pro warm up burn, I am just going to five you a quick rundown…

I won all of my laps today and felt great. My first straights are feeling better and people have been commenting on how i am "attacking" the track again like old alise, so thats good to hear. My main was actually probably my worst lap of the day but I still managed to make it happen so it’s all good. We’ll work on some consistency tomorrow. (It would help if I did I bike check before my main and didn’t have loose back wheels and stuff during my final haha). The only bummer of the day was that Jr women had a class and a few of the main comp were out of the elite race (Brooke, Taylor and Dom) but I guess I can’t complain to start 2010 off on the right note. Ashley Verhagen and Amanda Geving were also having a good lap and were right there for a close second and third respectively. Kim Hayashi even came out of the wood work again and made the final as well.

The Jr women had a close race as well. Everybody thought Dom would be taking these jr wins without so much as a blink of an eye, but little Brookie Crain was giving her a run for her money today. It made for some good racing to watch and a loud crowd.

As for the men, it was a crazy day. The motos went pretty usual but come main time there was an upset. Bad Bubba ended up taking the win today from lane one. There was a bit of gift for him with the crash in the first turn of the leaders but he was right there either way, coming in hot. He was smiling from ear to ear and that’s something we haven’t seen from Bubs in a while. Maybe racing for baby diaper money is helping the newly proclaimed daddy out?? But anyways, the rest of the race went down with Donny, Graves and Willoughby.

The lines were crazy for dinner at the hotel so we got back late and I am going to have to hit the hay RIGHT NOW. So I will catch ya’ll tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

oh and ps- HAPPY BDAY GRANDMA!!!!