Current World champion Sam Willoughby of Australia, living in California has re-signed after a stellar year capturing these other titles: 

2012 USA BMX No.1 Pro

2012 UCI Supercross overall Champion

2012 Olympic silver medalist

2012 NORA Cup winner



Olympian Alise Post is back after a tough, injury laden 2012 season but stronger than ever as she showed everyone with her win at the Grands. Alise had surgery on her thumb and is all healed up after her nasty spill in the Olympics.


Olympian Tory Nyhaug (the pride of Canada) will return faster than ever and looks forward to “turning up the heat” against his fellow teammates as well as the other elite men.

Denzel Stein (the people’s champ) is back and will focus on the USA BMX circuit and has his sites on being the #1 pro in the USA for 2013.

Top amateur Josh Klatman too is back and this 2 time national #1 amateur will be entering into the pro ranks for 2013. His goal is Pro rookie of the year and he will face some tough competition all fighting for that #1 plate. 


Jason Carnes will remain the Team manager with all of his hard work setting up the Redline team area and then out heading off to the track racing with the top Vet pros.

Jason not only manages the team, but he presents all of the fabulous Redline Flight School clinics, spreading the good word of BMX across the land.


Redline wishes to thank all of the terrific Co-Sponsors that work together with us to support these talented riders and this great sport: Tioga, Kool Stop, Answer, XLC, Pryme and SUNringle.