Right in the middle of the famous Orange County Fair in Southern California the ASA set up one of their MegaRamp Triples contests—a massive roll in, two giant wooden doubles, and a 10-foot quarterpipe. The event lasted a full five nights with the first two staged as qualifiers, the second two as contests, and the final night as a demo.

Our own Hucker (Mike Clark) was one of the lucky eight ASA veterans to receive a by into the two contests on Friday and Saturday, and with that, a guaranteed spot in the demo on Sunday. Hucker was easily the hometown favorite of the week as he only lives a few blocks from the venue. His "Surfin’ USA" and "Baby Got Back" song choices fit right in with the locals, which made the crowd love him even more.

Redline’s resident dirt jumper Brandon Dosch wasn’t fortunate enough to get a by into the finals, which meant he had to fight his way through the head to head battle brackets on Wednesday night to try to secure his place in Friday’s competition. He was up to the task though, and as the sun was setting behind the blinking lights of the ferris wheel and Tilt-A-Whirl, Dosch was spinning an opposite 360 lookback and a 360 double whip, which was enough to win the heated 12-man qualifying round.

During Friday night’s contest both Hucker and Dosch rode amazing and put on a great show for the packed grandstands at the fair. Hucker’s insanely dipped one-footed 360 and perfect double backflip were definitely show stoppers, and his boosted flair was the icing on the cake. Dosch once again spun in his unnatural direction and nailed a few perfect opposite 720s along with a few more oppo 360 variations on the doubles.

In Saturday’s competition Hucker was as stoked as ever to have the event in his own backyard another night where his family and friends could show up and watch him ride. He also said the huge wooden jumps were great practice for Dew Tour, which is next week in Portland. In Oregon, however, the tables will be turned—Hucker will have to fight his way through open qualifying, and Dosch will be the lucky one to get the free pass straight to the finals.

Congrats to both of our riders for killing it this week in Socal, and we wish them the best of luck as they head up the coast to Portland later in the week.