The Alienation "BSX" – short for "Bicycle Supercross" (or some might suggest "Backyard Supercross") is a one-on-one charity event run at the compound at Pheasant Creek. Nestled in the Kinglake ranges 60kms North East of Melbourne, Australia’s CBD – this event has become one of Australia’s most anticpated independent races.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation is the primary beneficiary of the event; however it also helps raise money for the Kinglake West CFA (Country Fire Authority).

With the event held in January, during the peak of the Aussie summer, you would expect great weather. But BSX history has proved you need to be prepared for anything. We thought we had seen it all. When there’s rain, normally it would clear mid morning to a beautiful sunny day. Everything would dry up, the skies would turn blue and everything would be perfect. Normally.

The BSX has become an institution. An event by riders for riders, and the spectators get a whole lot out of it too, not only with the action packed racing on the track but with all the fundraising activities as well.

The event has attracted riders from Canada, New Zealand and all over Australia, including the likes of Sarah Walker, Tanya Bailey, Lauren Reynolds, and Ziggy Callan. Sam Willoughby, Luke Madill, Jamie Gray, Michael Robinson, Michael Fenwick, Khalen Young, Glenn Codega, Alex Cameron, 80’s legend Jamie Hales and a whole lot of others. Even professional wrestler Joey Russell Junior came along to race this year.

There have been just three winners in the hotly contested Open Men’s class over the past four years. Luke Madill took the wins in 2006 and 2007, Josh Callan won in 2008 and Scott Lacey in 2009. All three past champions returned for BSX-2010. Luke Madill, making a special trip to squeeze BSX in only a couple of days after becoming the Australian 4X champion, yet again.

There were also a bunch of talented young riders who were expected to keep the past champions honest. Among them was Kyle Horton, Tom Siinmaa, Levi Collins, Jonathan Hoare, Connor Hunter, Luke Pretlove and Ryan Henderson… just to name a few. And in top form, Bodi Turner was a dark horse for the event.

But each of them would have to make it all the way through eliminations in a record breaking field of 39 riders.

Ziggy Callan was the only woman to put on her flat pedals for the day, she loves BSX and decided to take on the guys since there was no class for her this year.

Well, as you know from the photo and our headline – Redline’s JOSH CALLEN wound up winning (again). But if you want the WHOLE story, you’re going to have to click over to BMX ULTRA to read every bit of detail.

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