Redline Challenge New Riders & New Year but still the same results of old & that being on the top box.

After a 8 month injury and several surgery’s from a gate falling on his hand Maison"Meatball" Duncan 6X made sure the boys knew he was back. Maison collected his first win of the Year on Saturday in 6X boys, and returned with a Third the next day. Shelby Wren 9 Girls breaks a six year streak of bad luck in reno, She killed her competition on Sat taking home a first place trophy  and a Third on Sunday . Jason Carnes gave her a big hug to rub off some of her luck she was all smiles.  Dilyn Son’s was pumped to be in Reno Saturday he gained a 3rd in Cruiser for the 9 boys class, But on Sunday he wasn’t taking home less then a 1st place trophy , It looked grim at first Dilyn hit the gate and was in the back of the pack , watching him pass each rider was thrilling, At the line it was a photo finish. It took the ABA minutes to call out the results ( it seemed like forever) DILYN SONS WITH THE WIN. We cant wait for the next National.  

Redline Challenge riders results are


Maison Meatball Duncan 6X 1st & 3rd in Class, & 3rd in Open

Nathans Luna 6X 6th & 8th in Class,7th & 4th in Open

Ashlynn Wilson 8 girls 5th & 8th in class

Shelby Wren 9 Girls 1st & 3rd in Class, 10 & Under Girl Cruiser 7th
Dilyn Sons 9X 1st & 8th Class, & 9 Cruiser 3rd & 6th

Dylan Dabbert 17-20 Cruiser 8th

Jeremy Tooker 36-40 Cruiser 4th & 5th

Tommy Bellew A Pro had a 13-3, needed a 13-2

Chris Westbrook 36-40 Cruiser Semis

Silver Dollar National was the first race and also first wins of the season, Redline Challenge is looking forward to the next National!