The Redline~Adventure hit our first National this past weekend, in Kearney, NE. A majority of the team rolled in Friday night ready to hit the track for practice, but were a bit discouraged as we found that the track was soft. We fought our hardest despite the track conditions and all managed to have a fun weekend.

We ended the weekend with a team second place on Saturday, and tying for second on Sunday. Our team results are posted below.






Bridget Walter: Cruiser: 2nd, Class: 3rd

Devin Walter: Cruiser:2nd

Samantha Yaggy: Class: 3rd

Tanner Tommerdahl: Open: 3rd

DJ Edwards: Class: 2nd

Joel Gilstrap: Open: 4th,  Class: 4th

Selina Jeffers: Open: 5th

Dominik Jeffers: Tough competition, just missed semis

Jenna Jeffers: Cruiser:3rd, Class:3rd

Cruz Brummond: tough competition, just missed semis

Mason Gustafson: Class: 2nd





Selina Jeffers: Open:5th,  Class: 3rd

Jenna Jeffers:  Class: 3rd, Cruiser:3rd

Samantha Yaggy: Class: 4th

Bridget Walter:  Cruiser: 2nd

Devin Walter: 4th

Dominik Jeffers: Class: 7th

Tanner Tommerdahl: Open: 6th

Joel Gilstrap: Open: 8th

Mason Gustafson:  Class: 1st

DJ Edwards: Class: 4th

Cruz Brummond: Another tough day; just missed mains


We as a team would like to thank the ABA for putting on a wonderful National, and also like to thank the Buffalo County Fair grounds for keeping their facility so clean all weekend! We would also like to thank Redline for their continuing support, and our other sponsors Adventure Cycle and Ski, Bob Evans, and Simek’s.