Team Result:   Third

Selina: Open: 5th Class: 3rd

Cruz: Open: 6th

Devin: Cruiser: 1st

Jenna: Cruiser: 3rd

Sam: Cruiser: 4th

Bridget: Cruiser: 2nd

Dominik S.: Class: 2nd

DJ: Class: 8th

Joel: Class: 4th

Alex: Class: 4th

Jeff: Class: 5th



Team Result:   Fourth


Selina: Open: 6th Class: 3rd

Cruz: Open: 8th

Jenna: Class: 8th Cruiser: 3rd

Sam: Class: 7th

Devin: Cruiser: 3rd

Bridget: Cruiser: 2nd

Dominik S: Class: 2nd

Joel: Class: 4th

DJ: Class: 7th

Mason: Class: 8th


We would like to give a shout out to our sponsors Simek’s,Bob Evans, Adventure Cycle and Ski, and Northern Maintenance Fee Exteriors for their continued support this year and extend a huge thank you to Redline as well for their support.


See you all in St. Cloud, MN!(: