Now this is a view we could get used to! Sam Willoughby survives a great battle with the USA’s Connor Fields to become the 2014 UCI BMX World Champion. The icing on the cake was Tory Nyhaug taking the silver and Alise Post also taking an impressive second place finish in the Elite Women’s class.

Our Jr Elites had some tough luck with Collin Hudson going down hard in the 1/4 and Hunter Pelham scoring the dreaded 5th in the semi. Carly Dyar adding two silver medal finishes in her Challenge classes makes this an overall fantastic 2014 World Championship for Redline. We couldn’t be more proud of the team!

Elite Men top 3:

  1. S. Willoughby (AUS)
  2. T. NyHaug (CAN)
  3. T. Whyte (GBR)


Elite Women top 3:

  1. M. Pajon (COL)
  2. A. Post (USA)
  3. L. Smulders (NED)


You can watch the entire UCI World Finals here.