What could be better than scoring a win on Sunday in Womens Pro? If you’re Alise Post, having your boyfriend win AA-pro made it an unbelievable weekend. One by one, Post is gaining on the current points leader in ABA and NBL, and it’s no doubt going to be a race down to the Grands for both No.1 titles. 

With wins both days in cruiser, Arizona’s “Gorgeous George” Goodall will likely maintain his lead in ABA National Cruiser points. We’ll find out in November if he can hold on to it.

This guy helped put Redline on the Map. ABA’s very first No.1 Pro (CIRCA 1979) has still got it — winning 51-55 Cruiser on day two.

Stompin’ Stu was the honored guest at this years’ VintageBMX.com’s show. The 10th Annual Vintage show was awesome as always — bringing out the most beautifully restored retro machines in the country.