While the road to London gets steeper as the weeks go by, the view also becomes more clear as to who the favorites will be when the first gate drops in early August. In Papendal, Holland Redline riders continued to show their form with Alise Post leading the way with her first ever Supercross win while Sam Willoughby notched his third consecutive second place SX finish.

In the women’s event, Redline riders rode well throughout the day with Magalie Pottier of France, as well as Laura Smulders of Holland both joining Alise to qualify for the main event. Alise had a perfect day winning each of her qualifying rounds as well as winning her Semi. In the final Alise had a less than perfect start but made up for it by being the only woman rider to air the triple jump at the end of the first straight. With the adrenaline flowing and the competition in the rearview mirror, Alise was in full control for the rest of the race to take a much deserved win. Magalie Pottier took 5th place and Laura Smulders took 8th place to round out the women’s field.

Following the Papendal World Cup event, Alise Post is now the #2 ranked woman in the 2012 UCI Points Ranking followed by fellow Redline rider Magalie Pottier in 3rd place.

The Redline men had a scare when Sam Willoughby was hit by a wind gust in the Superfinal TT on Saturday and ended up on the ground. With a badly bruised knee as well as a sore shoulder it was unclear as to how Sam would fair in Sunday’s main event. Going through the Qualifiers Redline riders were getting the job done with Sam Willoughby and Josh Callan of Australia, Ivo Van der Putten, Twan Van Gent, Raymon Van der Beizen of Holland, and Tory Nyhaug of Canada all making it into the Quarters.

In the final it was Sam, Tory and Twan van Gent who would line up for Team Redline. And just like the previous SX event in Randaberg Norway it would be Sam Willoughby making a late charge but coming up just short with a second place photo finish. Tory Nyhaug suffered a crash on the third straight as he was passing David Herman for third place and Twan van Gent was also involved in a separate crash on the second straight but was able to get up to finish in 6th place. Tory suffered a ruptured spleen and a fractured wrist. The prognosis is good but he will be missing the upcoming World Championships in Birmingham, UK.

Following the Papendal event, Redline riders are well placed in the top ten of the 2012 UCI Points Ranking with Sam Willoughby in 2nd, Tory Nyhaug in 5th, Twan Van Gent in 8th, and Raymon Van der Beizen in 10th.

Next stop for the Redline riders will be on May 25th and 26th in Birmingham, England where they will compete in the 2012 World Championships.

Photos by Craig Dutton.