Redline riders took three of the six available podium places at Saturday’s Supercross event in Randaberg, Norway.

In the women’s event, Redline rider Magalie Pottier of France won each of her three heats but in the final was passed at the finish line by Caroline Buchanan to finish in second place. US rider Alise Post qualified as the top rider from her group and finished a strong third in the final and was the top placing US woman rider. Following this second round of the UCI BMX World Cup, Magalie Pottier currently leads the overall standings while Alise Post is ranked fourth overall in the World Cup as well as being the top ranked US woman rider.

In the men’s event, Sam Willoughby and Josh Callen from Australia, Tory Nyhaug from Canada, Manuel Devecchi from Italy and Raymon Van der Biezen all rode well through the opening rounds but in the final, it was Sam Willoughby and Tory Nyhaug who would go to battle for a Redline win. For both riders the race came down to the final straight. For Tory Nyhaug, while on his way to a certain third place finish, bad luck struck as Liam Phillips lost control taking down Tory who would get up to finish seventh. For Sam, a poorly landed jump on the first straight put him in the position of having to play catch-up. In the end Sam’s hard charge from third place wasn’t enough as he came up 2/1000’s of a second short to take second place in the most closely contested SX race ever run.




Following the Randaberg, Norway event, Sam Willoughby currently sits in 2nd place in the overall UCI World Cup standings while Canadian Tory Nyhaug is ranked 4th. Dutch riders Raymon Van der Biezen and Twan Van Gent currently sit in 11th and 14th respectively while Josh Callan of Australia is in 23rd, Morten Therkildson of Denmark is in 25th and Manuel DeVecchi of Italy is ranked 27th.

Upcoming events for Redline riders include the Winter Nationals in Phoenix, AZ on April 20th to 22nd and the next UCI World Cup event will be in Papandal, Netherlands on May 12th and 13th.