At the recent Cyclo-cross Nationals in Bend Oregon you might have noticed the good looking neutral support bikes provided by Shimano. Redline provided these frames to Shimano’s neutral support program a year ago, and since then these bikes have been used at the hugely successful Cross Crusade series in Portland, OR. This is just one more way Redline has worked with industry friends to help support the sport of Cyclo-cross in the United States.  Redline ‘Cross bikes have been a major part of the racing scene in America since 1994.  Redline racers have won over 70 National championships in Cyclo-cross, from 1995 in Worcester, MA, to 5 more champs in Bend, OR  in 2010.  Redline Cyclo-cross bikes have always been ‘Cross bikes designed by ‘Cross racers for ‘Cross racing.