We had a great time in Bakersfield. The team did very well,Shelby Wren 8 girls won both days,Kamren Larsen our 10x got 2nd and 1st with 5 racks and won both days in open,Dilyn Sons got a 2nd and a 3rd in 9x  with 5 racks and 1st and 2nd in cruiser. Dylan Dabbert got two 3rds in cruiser Alysha Weaver got 2nd behind Carlyi Dyer in 15 girls, Tommy Bellew had a great run going then wrecked and broke the mouth piece off his helmet but he is fine, borrowing a helmet he was right back into it the next day ,George Goodall won both days in cruiser and won class on sunday.  Team had a 210 score and a 206 score that gave us 3rd both days on the team sheet, missing 2nd on Sat by 2 whole points. Other riders included Chris Westbrook, Dustin Miles, Melven Shadrick, Demyan Dikun ,and Brenden Lynch  All riders did a fantastic job. All riders attended this race except for Mason Dunan he is our 5x rider who got his little hand crushed by a starting gate in Chula Vista. The pins are out and Mason is looking forward to his next race with the team.  The  Compound was amazeing with the trailer stickered, Skirts up and representing Redline and Fly. The whole team did Redline very proud. Thanks again for inviting Carlyi to the trailer she attended dinner with her family, ate number plate cookies and made us laugh with all her stories ( ask her about the pee pee phone you will laugh). We will send pictures soon, wait till you see the BBQ grill GO TEAM REDLINE CHALLENGE!


Adam And Dawn Wren