Last year, Redline used northwest videographer Brian Chace for a few projects. Chace’s BMX vid "Fresh Fish" is a must-have for any BMXer. Most recently, he’s released his latest DVD – titled "REFRESH."

Refresh was filmed over a year and a half time, in some of the best spots you can find: from Vancouver, BC, to Bellingham, Seattle and Olympia, Washingto, as well as filming in Sacramento, San, Fransisco and Salt Lake City.

Refresh features Def Paul, Chris Martindale, Scott Fuller, Michael Chace, Shay Sheifelbien, Greg Tylosky, and Joseph Pennell. The main feature is 35 minutes in length and the bonus disc includes 1 hour of web edits from the past year of the making of Refresh.

For those wanting to check it out – go to:

Photogallery: Refresh