"I recently bought a Redline D440 29er from Iron Cycles in Chicago Illinois. I was bitten by the Mountain Biking Bug recently after thoroughly shredding my Trek 7.1 FX on a trail with logs the size of my torso. Ever since I’ve been in the market for a solid mountain bike that would hold my 280lbs frame and handle the punishment I dealt out.


On my first ride with the brand new D440 out at Knoch Park, Naperville, Illinois: Nothing broke, I fell in love with the way the bike just rolled over everything in it’s path, I thought nothing could ever separate us from that point on.


Palos Hills, Illinois: A full week after the first ride at Knoch I had been using the D440 as a commuter to work and class and found that it was even better on the road then my newly re-furbished Trek 7.1 fx. Taking the bike to Palos, a friend and I put 25 miles of VERY hard riding into this it and it only begged for more. My only complaint was that the tires (Limestone only generic brand) had flat spots after only 110 miles. Still, balding tires an all, I left my buddies in the dust.


Saw Wee Kee Forest Preserve, Oswego Illinois: If you are unaware of this part of the country, Saw Wee Kee is the nasty tattooed green haired sibling of Palos. It used to be a strip mine but is now a forest preserve where there is no dirt…only sharp rocks and hills that will make you cry. The 29 inch tires again rolled over everything while I watched my 2 friends I had brought with me fall and cuss in the mud blood and rocks. One broke his chain 1 mile into our 10 mile scheduled ride, the other smashed his from fork beyond recognition after mile 6. I laughed and kept going.


We returned to Palos with a few friends of mine. One owns a bike shop, so we had a group of 7 on this ride: 1 pro street rider, his girlfriend, the owner of the shop, 2 mechanics, myself and my buddy.

I was a quarter mile ahead of the pack the entire time with the owner of the bike shop nipping at my heels, everyone else was huffing and puffing and falling and breaking bikes on the trail behind us. I take no credit, I simply thank you, Redline, and My D440 for making me look good in front of my friends and have the time of my life on the trails."


Dan Martynowicz

proud Redline 440 owner


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