Redlines Ryan Iddings rode to victory at two Seattle ‘Cross races this past weekend in different local series races. Ryan and teammate Logan Owen crossed the line together at the MFG series race Saturday at King County /Evergreen Park, and then Ryan won on Sunday at Steilacoom in Tacoma. Ryan’s teammate Logan Owen was right there in third place at the finish on Sunday. With lots of rain and muddy courses the Seattle ‘cross racing scene is now “full-on” as we start the month on November.

Ryan and Logan are both on the new 2011 Redline Conquest Team bicycle and loving it! Ryan enjoys having Logan right there as a great teammate, and Logan loves having Ryan as his mentor. We should note that Logan Owens is a 15 year old “cycling phenom” who is a 5 time national Cyclo-cross champion, and has really “stepped-it up” this year.

Ryan will be racing this weekend November 6th & 7th at the Dam Cross race in Los Angeles, CA so come cheer him on if you are in the LA area.