There is now one more reason to attend a Redline Cup race in 2010 … other than participating in America’s premiere BMX series or earning a Redline Cup No.1 plate in September. When you go to a RL Cup event, you’ll have the chance to win one of these 70-of-a-kind Limited Edition frames.
While it is up to each track operator’s discretion on how they will be given away, the custom black & gold Flight frames will likely be raffled off to one lucky winner during the RL Cup race – with proceeds being used to help fund improvements for each BMX track.
These Redline Cup Flight frames will surely become a collectors item; and come in two sizes — Expert XL and Pro Cruiser. While the color was partly inspired by the original "Gold Cup" name from the 80’s, they also pay tribute to the classic 1966 Shelby Hertz Mustang fastback. If you got 306hp in your legs, then this frame and you will be a perfect match.

Like all Flight frames, these customs are made with Redline’s exclusive R-6 Alloy tubing – which has 33% stronger tensil strength than standard 6061 alloy. This enables Redline to run a thinner guage of tubing – thus, making it up to 20% lighter than most alloy BMX race frames. Besides the custom paint job, the 2010 Redline Cup logo is emblazoned and clear-coated on each side of the top tube.

What?! You don’t know the date or location of your nearest Redline Cup race? Click here for the dates and venues.


And for your viewing pleasure – our inspiration:

1966 Shelby Hertz GT-350H Mustang fastback