During one month every summer, the California State Fair – held at CalExpo in Sacramento, CA, see’s tens of thousands of Californians walk thru their exhibits. And this year, for the first time ever – the Cal State Fair is celebrating the World of Bicycles.

Being as both BMX and Mountian Biking are claimed to be California-born, this celebration of 2-wheeled machines is a perfect fit for the State Fair. Also born in California are most bike brands; so they kept that in mind when choosing which bikes to display in the exhibit. A modern-day Redline Flight bike is highlighted amongst other old-school BMX brands – such as Panda, SE and CW Racing.

For the opening ceremonies, CalExpo recruited BMX Hall of Famer Tommy Brackens to cut the ribbon, and included a bicycle parade to the Exhibit Hall.  With special guests from the BMX world playing host to visitors throughout the fair, this is a great oportunity to introduce BMX racing to those who might never see it. 

Many of the bicycles used for the exhibit  are on loan from the Patriot Bike Shop collection, located in nearby Fair Oaks, CA, while other specimens of the exhibition are from the newly-relocated U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, CA.