Redline Bicycles is proud the be a part of the NW Epic mountain bike race series for 2013. The NW Epic series is made up of three terrific mountain bike cross country races in the state of Washington. The courses/races include Stottlemeyer, Echo Valley and Capital Forrest. In its third year the NW Epic MTB series is attracting close to 500 riders per event.

Redline will be active at all of these events. Redline race team and van will support series riders and offer sneak peeks at new bike product.

Dirk Sorenson Redlines marketing manager said, “ I love this series and look forward to working with the event organizers,  I have raced in several of the events and I like the way the races are presented and how they provide the Northwest with a tremendous race opportunity for mountain bikes.”

Series promoter Roger Michel of 4th Dimension Racing has done a super job and Redline wants to be a part of his vision of what Mountain bike racing can be.

For more info on the NW Epic series: