I had a nice training camp in Florida and riding my bike again went better than expected, but watching the race in Oldsmare from the sideline isn’t my thing…

When I left home a few weeks ago I had no expectations about riding the track again, because it was 3,5 months ago since my crash in Genéva and I didn’t know if my wrist allows me to ride again? So I went to the Okeeheelee BMX track in West Palm Beach with no expectations and fortunately it worked out better than I ever expected.

Of course my wrist hurts when I ride the track, but I can feel the deferent’s between the first and second week… It’s getting less painful and holding my bar is going better. Just when the jumps are really steep or the track is really bumpy it can hurt. Beside of my wrist riding is going very well. I have to adjust myself a little, because the wrist/ hand will never have the same mobility and flexibility like before. I just need some more time to get used to and I need some more strength to hold my bar during full laps. This is something I’m going to work on till the first World Cup (UCI BMX Supercross) in Chula Vista, USA in the end of March.

The last 2 weeks went by very fast. Training was very intense for me, because I didn’t ride the track for a long time, but overall I’m satisfied about my improvements and I know where I am right now. I made a new training movie about myself riding the track again, check it out

Last weekend the team did a race in Oldsmar. The whole team looked good, while I was watching from the sidelines… It didn’t make me happy to watch, so hopefully I can race soon!