Hello everyone,

Last weekend the 2010 season officially started with the UCI BMX Supercross in Madrid.

Wednesday I flew from Eindhoven to Madrid with the Dutch National Redline Team. After we landed we almost went straight to the stadium, to see how the Supercross track look like. My first impression was wow! The box-jump on the second straight looked huge…. The rest seems to like normal, only the dirt was a little soft.

On Thursday morning we did a small training session with the team and in the afternoon I went into town to check out Madrid a little more.

Friday we had practice on the SX track for the first time. I did a good warm-up, because I knew the track was challenging and pushing us to the limit. After a flew laps I tried to jump the second straight with that huge box-jump. Unlucky for me that didn’t work out so well, because when I jumped on the box, my weight was on my back wheel way too much, so I crashed big time and landed on my bike. After that my lower back was little sore, but I continued my training. I didn’t have a good feeling about the track, but my starts we’re good.

Saturday = race day. Training, time-trials and the race all at the same day. Normally I have a lot of confidence about riding a SX track. This time I didn’t had that feeling, cause I only did the box-jump one’s during practice. Luckily I jumped it save and took 18th place during time-trials. I was not happy with my time, but I had a spot with the best 32 men.

At 18:30u the race started and the stadium was filled with over 4.000 spectators. Racing this track with eight men at the same time was a whole new story, so nobody knew what to expect. Eventually there was a lot of action and the crowd loved it! I made it easily trough my motos and also won my quarter and semi final.

In the main event there we’re a lot off big names, so the crowd was getting crazy! I liked it and the adrenalin gushed through my body. During the start I hit the gate and was back in pack. During the lap I still could pass 3 guys and finished 5th in the final.

I’m still a little disappointed about my result, because I had that inside lane. But when I look back, it’s not a bad beginning to start off the season, so I’m happy as well.

I’d like to say thanks to the Dutch National Redline Team, all the spectators in Madrid and of course all my sponsors: NOC*NSF , KNWU, Redline, Rabobank, Shimano, TroyLeeDesigns, Bensink, Sinz, THE, Tioga, HVMparts, Oakley, Geross, Leatt Brace, Cock & Balls, Jack Martens Tweewielers, Health Center Nistelrode, Oké Wax, and Bouwbedrijf Berghege for there support!

Next weekend the European season kicks off in Besancon, France with round 1 and 2 of the European championships.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Kind regards,

Raymon van der Biezen

Pro BMX-racer