Wednesday I traveled to a very cold and windy Copenhagen for the 2nd round of the UCI BMX Supercross. The track was is in perfect condition, and all the Pro BMX Racers we’re there, so it should be a great event. Only the weather forecast didn’t promise good things.First time practice was on Thursday. It didn’t go the way I wanted, cause my body felt a bit slow and like everybody else I had some problems with the wind. I must say the track rode smoother than ever, so hands up to the organization.

On Friday morning we had practice again followed by Time-Trials. Unlucky for everyone some rain came down and we still had some windy conditions, what made it hard to jumps some sections… Anyway I felt a lot better on the track and I had some good gates, so that gave me more confidence. During Time-Trial I lost some speed, cause I cased the big triple into the first corner. From there I had no big mistakes and ended up 9th. I was not really satisfied, because I know I could ride faster at some points…The weather expectations for Saturday should be better and less wind, but when I wake up it was raining again. Luckily the rain stops at 8:30u, so the track and starting hill we’re dry when practice started at 12:25u. My legs felt pretty tired, but I still was able to ride the way I should. Race: during motos the heat was one, cause I had some great battles with Joey Bradfort. I got a solid 2nd place, but my legs felt pretty bad after racing 3 motos. During the quarterfinal I was a bit slow on the gate, but I still find some way to get 3rd. My semi final was filled with a lot of great riders, so I was exited to race again. When the gates drops, it looked like all my power was gone. I was back in pack and tried some moves, only it didn’t happen. Game over for me, so I was very disappointed that I not made the final!I suppose this was just one of those days…  

This is how the ranking look likes after Madrid and Copenhagen:

1. Maris Strombergs

2. Sam Willoughby

3. Corner Fields

4. Corben Sarrah

5. Liam Phillips

6. Joris Daudet

7. Raymon van der Biezen

8. Damien Godet

With three Supercross races to go, a lot can happen… But first I want to prepare myself for the World Championships in Pietermaritzburg “South Africa”.

Till than I will race a few National races in Holland, All the European races and the Dutch Championships in Kampen.