Started out extremely nervous for my first Pro race, but after I won the first round of qualifying and then the second round and then got second the third round my nerves started to settle a little bit before the semis. Getting the lane selection helped a lot, went on to pick lane 2 and win my semi by a landslide! Then went onto the main and chose lane 3, 6, 1 with Paulson in 4, 7, 2… Needless to say, I had the holeshot down the first straight for the first round and then got passed in the weird 3rd straight, but still ended up with second. Then the 2nd round we bumped going into the first turn and I fell pretty hard taking a few guys with me and got up and still managed to take 6th. Feeling the crash from earlier I still got the holeshot the last main and rode Paulson up in the first turn, but didn’t stay on the chalkline down the second straight as he passed me into the second turn, still getting 2nd that lap and then getting 2nd overall!


Sunday waking up sore and tired got 3rd the first round and then 1st the second and third rounds and then won my semi, then I chose lane 7, 2, 5 for the main with Paulson in 4, 7, 2. I rode agressive down the first straight and almost had him into the first turn, but he had the inside and ended up in 2nd. I started to run out of steam after that! 2nd round I had a late start and finished up 3rd and then last round I hit the first jump wrong and ended up 4th. Still getting the second overall!!!!


I am getting ready for Phoenix starting Wednesday after I get my bike back and cannot wait to get a couple more podium spots while down there!!!